By Land or By Sea at Arden Waikiki

Arden Waikiki stands out for its commitment to showcasing the best of local Hawaii ingredients, farmers and artisans. These menu items take diners on a journey from mauka to makai.  

Local Butcher’s Cut: A Tribute to Island Agriculture with a Tangy Twist 

Mauka Meats owner Micah Richards, a former finance professional, heeded the call to return to the island and fulfill the need for locally sourced meats. At Arden Waikiki, he supplies the renowned “Local Butcher’s Cut”, featuring charcoal-grilled grass-fed beef from Rose Cattle. The result is a tender and flavorful meat that embodies the essence of Hawaii’s agricultural heritage. 

To elevate the dining experience, Arden Waikiki employs a traditional Japanese charcoal grill, infusing the beef with a smoky essence that sets it apart. This unique cooking method imparts a distinct flavor profile, adding depth and character to each bite. 

Chef Makoto, the creative mind behind Arden Waikiki’s main course menu, conceptualized a vegetable demi sauce as a lighter and sustainable alternative to traditional demi-glace. Makoto’s dedication to minimizing food waste while delivering exquisite flavors is truly commendable. 

In a departure from the classic compound butter found on steaks, Makoto introduces Ume Butter to the Local Butcher’s Cut. This tangy and acidic butter offers a delightful contrast to the rich, grilled beef. Its unique flavor profile adds excitement and intrigue to the dish, creating an unexpected balance. 

Pepper Crusted Ahi: A Fusion of Land and Sea 

Arden Waikiki takes the popular Pepper Crusted Ahi dish to new heights by incorporating elements reminiscent of a perfectly cooked steak. Chef Makoto’s fresh take includes coriander and sesame seeds in the traditional pepper rub, enhancing the meatiness of the fish.  

To further elevate the dish, a velvety hollandaise sauce is introduced, reminiscent of the classic Bearnaise sauce. The addition of Sumida Farm watercress provides a refreshing crunch and adds a vibrant freshness to the plate. 

Arden Waikiki’s menu items truly embody the essence of Hawaii’s diverse culinary landscape. From the locally sourced, charcoal-grilled beef to the imaginative sauces and flavor combinations, every element tells a story and offers a unique sensory experience.  

Through the visionary creations of Chef Makoto and the amazing purveyors we partner with, Arden Waikiki showcases the immense potential of sustainable and locally sourced ingredients. It is a testament to the impactful individuals who strive to revolutionize the culinary scene while respecting the environment.  

So, dive into these extraordinary dishes and embark on a culinary adventure that celebrates the best of what Arden has to offer. 

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