By Land or By Sea at Arden Waikiki

Arden Waikiki stands out for its commitment to showcasing the best of local Hawaii ingredients, farmers and artisans. These menu items take diners on a journey from mauka to makai.   Local Butcher’s Cut: A Tribute to Island Agriculture with a Tangy Twist  Mauka Meats owner Micah Richards, a former finance ... Read more

When did Brussels Sprouts Get So Ono?

Brussels sprouts have come a long way from being the dreaded vegetable on the dinner plate. Once considered bland and unappetizing, Brussels sprouts have undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. They have become one of the most popular vegetables on menus around the world.  Brussels sprouts have been around ... Read more

Local Veggies get a Glow Up

Arden Waikiki takes pride in using locally grown vegetables, ensuring that each dish bursts with freshness and flavor. By sourcing the majority of the produce from nearby farms, the team not only supports the local community but also promotes sustainability and reduces their carbon footprint. From farm to sea, the ... Read more

A Dish That Takes a Journey Through Hawaii’s History

One of the standout dishes on the Arden Waikiki menu is the Maui Venison Tartare. This exquisite creation combines flavors, textures, and ingredients in the most harmonious way possible. Here we delve into the intricacies of this dish and unveil the fascinating stories behind its components.  The first intriguing element ... Read more

The Artistry of Salads at Arden Waikiki: A Culinary Journey 

Arden’s salads are more than just starters; they transport diners to a world where flavors intertwine and traditions collide.   A Confluence of Tradition and Local Innovation -Don’t call it a “Caesar”  The Island “Caesar” Salad holds a special place on the menu. While it may not be the traditional rendition, ... Read more

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