Local Veggies get a Glow Up

Arden Waikiki takes pride in using locally grown vegetables, ensuring that each dish bursts with freshness and flavor. By sourcing the majority of the produce from nearby farms, the team not only supports the local community but also promotes sustainability and reduces their carbon footprint. From farm to sea, the menu really showcases the best of what the islands have to offer. 

Roasted Kahumana Zucchini-A Taste of Sweet and Earthy 

The Roasted Kahumana Zucchini, with its enticing Lehua Honey vinaigrette, pickled raw zucchini, and garlic panko, is another testament to the creativity and appreciation of local ingredients by talented chefs.  

Chefs are like artists, inspired by the sights and ingredients they encounter while crafting their menu items. In the case of the Roasted Kahumana Zucchini, Chef Makoto was captivated by the vibrant local zucchinis grown in the fertile Hawaiian soil, possessing a unique freshness and flavor that distinguishes them from their counterparts elsewhere. 

To complement the earthiness of the zucchinis, the Chef sought a vinaigrette that would take this simple side to new heights. Lehua honey is known for its floral notes and lighter texture which added a delightful sweetness to the dish. 

Thai basil, with its aromatic and slightly spicy profile, proved to be the ideal companion to the roasted zucchinis. The herb’s unique flavor highlights the natural freshness of the zucchinis, creating a harmonious balance on the plate. 

Roasted Hirabara Farms Carrots

Next up, the Roasted Hirabara Farms Carrots. At the heart of this dish lies the humble carrot, sourced from the renowned Hirabara Farms on Hawaii Island. These carrots, grown with care and dedication, possess a natural sweetness that is beautifully enhanced when roasted.  

Chef Makoto turned to an unexpected ingredient for the accompanying sauce – black sesame. Black sesame brings a depth and richness that complements the sweetness of the carrots. In Hawaii, sesame dressing may be a staple, but as always, Chef Makoto wanted to explore a unique twist on this familiar flavor. 

Local favorite and an Arden menu go-to, Sweet Land Farm goat Chevre adds a creamy and tangy element that beautifully balances the sweetness of the carrots and the richness of the black sesame sauce.  

As we savor each bite of these thoughtful, reimagined sides, let’s celebrate the dedication of the farmers, the creativity of the chefs, and the vast flavors that our local land has to offer.

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